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Meet Begbie the viral pub 'bouncer' who's been taking TikTok by storm

Begbie the lurcher has become a firm favourite behind the bar at The Cow in Brighton where the 'thief by nature' grabs anything he can get his paws on

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago

A four-legged employee of a Brighton pub has gone viral on TikTok after ‘forgetting’ to serve customers their drinks.

Begbie the lurcher works with his mum Catherine MacLennan at The Cow, and even has his own security badge.

Catherine, the pub manager, posted a hilarious video of the pooch to the video sharing app which has since been viewed over 1.6million times.

The video hears Catherine shout “excuse me, we’ve still not had our drinks!” as the wire-haired dog trots in with an empty drinks tray before turning on his paw to head back to the bar.

The 25-year-old said Begbie loves being a pub dog, and has become the employee of the year with all their customers.

Image: Instagram @begbiethelurcher

She said: “I asked my boss if I would be able to bring a dog in to the pub and they said ‘as long as it doesn’t get too big’.

“Begbie was the runt of his litter and the breeder said the other pups were bullying him quite a bit. He was underweight and not great at walking, and since it was a working litter and I wanted a pet, the breeder suggested ‘the little one’ might be the best choice.

“I ended up taking him right there, and had to go to Pets at Home with him tucked in my jacket because I had no bed, collar, food or toys!”

Begbie was hired at The Cow straight away back in February 2020, but was often found sleeping on the job behind the bar, and Catherine added: “He still does a lot of napping behind the bar.”

The cheeky lurcher is a ‘thief by nature’ and has stolen not only drinks trays, but also shoes and £550!

Catherine added: “The trays he just steals, the mythos is that because Lurchers are traditionally poaching dogs, they're thieves by nature. He once nicked a banking bag containing £550 out of my hand, that was a fun chase.

“He loves to be chased, and knows if he steals the right thing then he gets attention - it's often shoes. All the pub staff are very used to it, usually it's a two man job to catch him.

“I didn't think he'd do that well on TikTok because I'm not hugely confident with it! He has a set of amazing fans in the Lurcher Appreciation Society group on Facebook, where I post him so much that we get recognised in public.”

Begbie is a big softie, so it’s a running joke that he’s nicknamed the pub's security - but now, he has the bouncer’s badge to prove it.

Image: Instagram @begbiethelurcher

The dog owner added: “I edited together the image for the badge and then got it printed - I was a bit scared they'd refuse as it's basically a forged photo ID. The doormen all think it's absolutely class.”

When he’s not forgetting to serve customers or working the door, Begbie will coerce customers into a game of tug with his toys, and takes his local celebrity title very seriously.

“Some of my regulars come in and take him to their table, or even for a walk if it's too busy,” Catherine said.

“He'll nap smack bang in the middle of the floor on the loudest, busiest Friday night. We get a few kids and toddlers in and he utterly adores them, there's one little girl who insists on coming in with her dad every weekend just to see Begbie.

"He's fabulous for business - I'm pretty sure he knows he's got fans.”

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