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Manchester rescue centre is looking for volunteer doggy cuddlers

It sounds like the dream job

Danielle Elton

Posted 2 months ago ago

A rescue centre in Manchester is looking for dog lovers to join the team with volunteer roles dedicated to cuddling dogs, many of which are unable to be rehomed.

For anyone with a bit of free time to spare, this sounds like a dream!

Dogs4Rescue is an independent kennel-free centre for dogs, many of which have been rescued from some awful conditions.

Sadly in some cases, the dogs in its care have such severe issues that they are unable to be rehomed.

That is where the new doggy cuddlers will come in. The volunteers will be tasked with showering these dogs with affection, getting them used to human company and generally making a fuss of them.

Dogs4Rescue’s Emma Billington told us that many of these dogs tend to be bully breeds so she is looking for someone with experience.

She said: “Someone who’ll be happy walking with them, sitting with them, cuddling them, just giving them that quality time.

“Bullies love people time more than anything and all the other dogs here tend to just love dog time and we have to sort of encourage people time so they just need a little bit of a different thing.”

She added: “We’re always busy and unfortunately unable to spend as much time with the Bullies and give them the best quality of life and that’s what we’re all about is trying to make every dog’s life here the best it can possibly be.”

Emma is hoping to recruit a number of volunteers, that way she can give the dogs plenty of variety in who they spend time with, and so it will suit people even if they only have a few hours to spare.

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The volunteers will also need to be quite strong and with some experience of dogs who are nervous around people.

The job description for the role states that successful applicants must:

  • Be passionate about all the Bully breeds and be prepared to give their fullest attention (failure to do so will result in repeated paw nudges).
  • Have the patience of a saint (because you will need it with Grandson Charlie)
  • Enjoy listening to snoring as you cuddle us (as this will definitely happen)
  • Be willing to work towards meeting more challenging dogs with full support from our fab staff
  • Be confident playing games but not let the dogs get too over excited
  • Engage with the dogs' intelligent brains and make them work for those treats
  • Want to take dogs out on walks or out in a pram if needed (and be OK with a bit of lead pulling at times).
  • Be comfortable around large and sometimes clumsy but loveable dogs.

The centre has recently won a bid to receive a decommissioned school bus. This is due to be converted into a designated space for dogs to spend time with people, including the volunteers.

One of the dogs that the volunteers will be tasked with cuddling is Grandson Charlie. He came to the centre from Leigh Dogs & Cats Home and will now become a permanent resident.

This poorly pooch is an older boy suffering from dementia as well as a condition called spondylosis.

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Emma told us: “From his night time issues, food issues, toileting issues, repetitive behaviour, demanding and lack of awareness, we love him for it all.

“Too difficult to find an experienced home for we are keeping him as this will be his best life.

“He has a completely different routine in every way to all of the other dogs, tailored to his happiness, routine is everything.

“He is on a cocktail of meds and has regular vet visits, always a drama, but he makes us laugh every day with his antics.”

Think you could care for Grandson Charlie and the centre’s other dogs? Get in touch with Dogs4Rescue by emailing with an overview of your experience, why you want to volunteer and your availability.

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