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Man paints 2,000 dog pawtraits in 12 years

And they’re so realistic!

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 4 months ago ago

A man who has spent over a decade painting dog portraits has completed his 2,000th piece of art!

Clive Hemsley has been generating portraits of dogs in Henley-on-Thames for 12 years, and has even moved into a new studio so he can paint larger canvases.

That works out at 166 paintings a year - or 13 paintings a month - or one every three days!

The artist said: “I do it because I love dogs, but they’re also easy and quick to paint. Dog owners just send me a few images on their phone, and I do the rest!”

Clive’s paintings cost £270, and if the owner doesn’t like the painting - they don’t pay! But the painter does use his profits to support charities, as well as fund his studio space.

He said: “The new studio gives me so much more freedom. The lighting is amazing and I can create theatre lighting or use hi light spots or just use natural light - this flexibility is so exciting as I can literally get any size canvas in this studio.

“I will as always support my charities and continue to use this new facility as a private studio and accept private commissions - now nothing is to small”

Dogs and owners can visit Clive’s new studio at Greys Meadow Studio, Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire, or email photos to to be painted of your pooch.

He added: “I can use those images to create a legacy of your family beast. Please don’t leave it until your dog has died because that upsets me! Any time after a year is best for a dog picture - and it's the perfect gift of remembrance.”

There are just two rules that Clive requires owners to follow - that the photo is at ‘dog level’ and he can see both eyes on the image!

Clive said: “Nobody pays anything until the artwork is complete and approved as everybody has to be happy with the finished artwork. Remember a dog painting is for forever - not just for Christmas.”

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