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Lungworm: What is it and is it dangerous to dogs?

Top vet Dave Leicester has issued some important advice around lungworm

Charlotte Regen

Posted 3 months ago ago

Becoming a dog owner is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.

However, it can open you up to a whole new world of anxiety - especially if you have a puppy. 

But one thing that can make your pooch poorly no matter how old they are is lungworm.

Dogs pick up the larvae that cause lungworm by eating infected slugs and snails or by drinking from puddles, eating grass or licking paving stones that slugs or snails have crawled along.

But it’s worth noting that slugs and snails in themselves are not toxic to dogs and the parasite can’t be passed from dog to dog. 

Dave Leicester, Vets Now head of telehealth and one of the UK’s leading emergency vets, advises dog owners to restrict their pets access to areas where slugs and snails frequent. 

“Avoid leaving your dog’s toys and water bowl in the garden. But be careful if you decide to use slug or snail pellets to exterminate them,” he said.

“The chemical in these pellets, metaldehyde, is highly toxic to dogs.

“Speak to your daytime vet about prescribing a regular worming treatment. These usually come in the form of tablets or spot-ons and are administered monthly.

“Be aware that not all wormers, particularly over-the-counter treatments, are effective against lungworm.”

You can find out more about lungworm by clicking here.

If you’re worried your pet has become ill with lungworm then you should contact your vets or nearest out-of-hours one as soon as possible.

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