Loveable cockapoo Ernie and his wagging tail have won our second Dog Show award | TeamDogs

Loveable cockapoo Ernie and his wagging tail have won our second Dog Show award

Our TeamDogs judge has chosen the winner of our Waggiest Tail category

Nia Dalton

Posted 7d ago

It was so hard to choose a favourite waggy tail from your collection of excitable videos, but our TeamDogs judge had to pick a winner.

Drum roll please… Ernie the four-year-old cockapoo has won the Waggiest Tail category in our TeamDogs Dog Show today.

Our winner of the Waggiest Tail award is Ernie (Image: Rachael Hartwell)

Owner Rachael Hartwell shared a video on our Facebook post that brought tears to all our eyes.

She said: “Here’s Ernie with his waggiest tail meeting his Nanny after not seeing her for nearly 3 months due to the original lockdown 2020.

“The video brings a lump to my throat every time I watch it as I feel it encapsulates mine, my mums and Ernie’s love for each other.”

The footage shows Ernie running on a footpath towards his nanny. When he spots her, he stands still in shock. 

His nanny calls for him, and he scampers straight to her in excitement, with his fluffy black tail wagging. 

He jumps back and forth before planting a kiss on her face, and circling her in glee. 

Afterwards, Ernie doesn’t know what to do with himself, and burns off some steam running around the field. 

Ernie and his nanny reuniting (Image: Facebook/ Rachael Hartwell)

Post-lockdown reunions don’t get any better than that!

Our TeamDogs judge Karen Price, co-host of our Fetch. Chase. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Podcast, picked Ernie as her winner.

She said: “It was such a close call as all the shortlisted dogs had brilliantly waggy tails but Ernie was a joy to watch when he greeted the lady and you could experience his sheer excitement seeing her through his incredibly waggy tail.”

While Ernie stole the show - and all our heart’s - there were so many other contenders that made us smile and laugh. Here are 13 of the happiest dogs wagging their tails.

It means the world to us when our dogs are happy, and we have loved watching all your dogs shake their tails. 

Of course, the fun doesn’t end here, because tomorrow we will be looking for a Golden Oldie. Get ready to share your senior dog on our Pictures of Dogs page.

May the best pup win!

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