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Liverpool dog walkers could face a £75 fine if they break these rules

A public space protection order has been put in place

Paul McAuley

Posted 3 months ago

Liverpool, Sefton council, have introduced Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Order which sees a change in what pet owners can and cannot do while walking their dogs.

This means people could be risking a fine if they fail to follow the rules while out taking a stroll in places like Formby and Crosby Beach.

They also apply in spots such as Rimrose Valley Country Park.

A public spaces protection order identifies a public place and prohibits specified things being done in the restricted area.

In a statement on Facebook, Sefton council said the PSPOs are designed to ensure we can all enjoy Sefton's outdoor spaces with our family and four-legged friends.

The council website states that there are two beach dog exclusion zones in place from 1st May to 30th September:

  • Southport beach is free of dogs starting from the Pier south towards Pleasureland (for 555m) and to the tide line.
  • Ainsdale Beach is free of dogs 200m either side of the main beach entrance and to the tide line.

Owners should also keep their pets away from any birds on the beach but exclusions zones are well signposted during the summer months.

Under the order, you commit an offence if you fail to adhere to the following rules:

  • Dog poo must be removed immediately.
  • One person can walk up to a maximum of six dogs at once, but no more.
  • Dogs must not enter other marked sports pitches during certain times of the year - football and rugby pitches between September 1st to May 31st and cricket pitches between April 1st to September 30th.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead no greater than 2m in length when in picnic sites and family areas in parks, on all A and B roads and when in cemeteries.
  • Dogs must be put on a lead when told to by an authorised officer.

A £75 fixed penalty notice (£50 if paid within 10 days) will be issued if anyone doesn't comply with the restrictions within the Order and they are not subject to appeals.

Recently, there have been calls for amendments to be made to the order, specifically regarding dates dogs can go on the football, rugby and cricket pitches.

The reason for the proposed amendment is that by restricting dog walkers from marked pitches during a certain period, due to the size of these areas in a high majority of parks, walkers have a limited space to let their dogs off the lead.

This current Dog Control Order for Sefton is in place for up to three years until July 2024 after being approved earlier this year at a full council meeting.

In a petition, it said: "The proposed alternative off lead areas are also not always suitable for off lead exercise; this therefore greatly impacts the quality of life for a high number of residents with dogs.

"We are fully understanding in the impact of not picking up dog foul in these areas has a negative impact on other residents and fully support of measure of those not picking up dog foul; however over the last 3 years of these PSPOs being in place, only 65 fines across the whole of Sefton have been issued and paid.

"This is the key measure to improve responsible dog ownership and therefore should be one of the highest priorities alongside keeping dogs under control."

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