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Little boy pens adorable letter to neighbour offering to look after their dog

The 10-year-old sent the heart-warming, handwritten note to his neighbour, which has since gone viral on Reddit

Phoebe Jobling

Posted 7 months ago ago

As a nation of dog lovers, we can all appreciate the happiness and fulfilment dogs bring to our lives. 

During lockdown when human contact is minimal, our four-legged friends have become more vital than ever before, offering companionship for dog owners both young and old. 

But sadly not everybody is lucky enough to be able to own their own pup - and this has left many people desperate to experience the joys of owning one. 

One little boy was so determined to look after a dog that he sent his neighbour a heart-warming letter offering to be their dog sitter. 

As reported in the Daily Star, the 10-year-old boy, named Troy, suggested that after the pandemic he could take their dog on walks and ‘more’. 

In an image shared by the recipient on Reddit, a Golden Retriever is sitting proudly beside the letter - and it’s as if he’s waiting for his owner to give him the go ahead to go play with his new friend. 

Handwritten in red and blue felt tip pen, the adorable note reads: “Hello neighbours. My name is Troy.

“I’m in 4th grade and I’m just wondering if maybe after this virus you need a dog sitter and if so I can take your dog on walks and more.”

The image was originally shared to Reddit in 2020 but has recently resurfaced, gathering more than 103,000 upvotes and lots of positive comments.

One Reddit user joked: “The dog has a look like it wrote the note and secretly just wants to play with the human pupper next door.”

Another commented: “Doggos face is like when you tell your friend to ask your mum if you can spend the night because she’ll say yes to your friend but no to you lol.”

A third responded: “Troy seems like a real go-getter. Kid is going places.”

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