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It’s official, dogs are cuter than cats

But we already knew that

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago ago

Not that we needed proof, but it’s been revealed which furry friends we love the most, based on cute animal photos on Pinterest.

And it’s dogs! There was never any doubt.

Photo printing expert Parrot Print has analysed the most repinned images of animals on Pinterest to reveal which furry friends we love the most.

The research has shown that pictures of dogs and puppies are our most loved animal pictures on Pinterest. 

These posing pooches make up 47.62% of the top repinned animal snaps, equating to over 308,075 repinned pictures of the top dogs. 

In the UK, there is an average monthly search of 8,100 “cute animal pictures” requested, often used as funny memes or as a much needed serotonin boost and stress buster. 

We just can’t get enough of animals doing adorable things, but which snaps are our most favourite?

Taking the top spot is this adorable little doggy, with 51,141 repins and 12,093 likes.

The most popular animals on Pinterest are:

  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Hedgehog
  • Fish
  • Pig
  • Monkey
  • Wolf
  • Polar Bear
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe

And there are no cats in the top 20, so it’s official, dogs are cuter than cats.

Commenting on the research, Matthew Dahan, owner and CEO of Parrot Print said: “Animal pictures and prints are up-there as some of the most popular images used and printed in the UK. 

“Here at Parrot Print, pictures of dogs are one of our leading canvas printing requests so I’m not surprised to see dog pictures dominating our most pinned animal pictures on Pinterest - after all, man’s best friend is incredibly photogenic!”

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