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Is your dog a natural in front of the camera?

Find out what it takes for your pet to become a doggy model

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago ago

Snapping the perfect shot of our furbabies isn’t always easy, with no amount of peanut butter enough to coax them to look at the camera.

But some dogs are absolute posers. 

If your dog laps up the attention of having its photo taken, have you ever considered signing them up to a modelling agency?

Doggy modelling agency Urban Paws is currently taking applications for pet models.

Could your pet be the next Kendall Jenner of the dog world?

If you think your furry friend has what it takes to become a model, there are a number of skills and requirements they will need to meet.

While we think that all animals are special, it takes an extra-special sort of dog to nail a shoot like a professional.

On why she thinks owners should sign their pet up, director of Urban Paws Layla Flaherty told us: “It’s a great way to spend time and interact with your dog.

“A lot of people will teach their dogs the basics but a lot of people don’t realise how intelligent or how much potential their pet may have. A lot of dogs really thrive on mental stimulation of constantly learning and being active. 

“And so, it's a great way for an owner and their dog to spend time together and learn new things together, new tricks, new skills, and it's just a nice, fun activity for pet owners to partake in.”

What it takes to become a dog model

The first thing owners should be aware of is that Urban Paws doesn’t sign dogs under 12 months of age, even though we think this is their most adorable phase.

But the way your dog looks is described as one of the least-important factors.

Pets at this age are likely to change in appearance fairly rapidly, and as soon your pet’s profile was created, it would likely need updating.

But it is still worth getting in touch as the business will keep your dog’s details on file internally in the event of a job coming up requiring younger animals. But all puppies listed this way will need to be at  least 12 weeks of age and be fully vaccinated.

Another important requirement for dogs wanting to become models is obedience training.

The basic training requirements include:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Stand
  • Lie down
  • Come/recall
  • Work off-lead

That doesn't sound too challenging and should be part of your dog’s basic training anyway.

There are also some other skills that Urban Paws is looking for in potential models, although not essential.

Additional skills include:

  • Work outdoors
  • Jump up/on/over/onto an object (i.e. a chair, a car boot)
  • Drink and eat in a new environment
  • Comfortable around other dogs or animals
  • Bark on command

Any further skills and tricks are considered a bonus and will likely lead to your dog getting more work.

Your dog will also need to be a sociable character who is comfortable around people and strangers as they will often be on shoots with at least 10 people involved.

How much of a commitment is it?

While signing your dog up to a modelling agency might seem like a lot of work, Layla told us that it’s up to the owners on how serious they want to take it.

Some choose to do it on a part-time basis whereas others rely on the income to pay their bills

Layla said: “It depends really on your commitment levels and how much commitment you want to give to the modelling. 

“You can do one job a week, you can do one job a month, you can do a couple of jobs a year. It really depends on your time and commitment.”

How to apply

To sign your dog up to the modelling agency, you’ll need to submit an application with information about your dog as well as recent photos and videos.

The team will need proof of your dog’s skills before proceeding so require videos of your dog performing known commands.

To find out more, visit

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