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Irlam: The hidden Essex beach that's a dog lover's paradise

This coastal spot is perfect for walkies all year round


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Also known as Earlham’s beach, this spot on the Essex coast is one of those ‘secret’ places - sorry, we might be about to change that! - that, once you’ve found it, you’ll want to return to time and time again. 

Indeed, many head for the more well-known Dovercourt Bay, not too far along the coast. Or you might choose to stretch your legs (and paws) at Clacton, Frinton or Walton. But if solitude alongside the lap or roar of waves is your thing, it’s worth visiting this more remote, coastal spot for a windy stroll.

So why choose Irlam’s? Well, if rugged sandy dunes and running in and out of the waves is your dog’s cup of tea, this out of the way spot is just the place.

Image by Flatland Wanderer

The sand dunes stretch out along the coast towards the docks at the port of Harwich, and it’s a popular fishing spot, known for bass, eels, flounder and mullet.

Grasses blow in the shoreline breeze on the dunes, while the coast curves towards the more industrial vista in the distance as you and your dog crunch through sand and pebble terrain.

This area of the coastline is hostage to the tides, so planning your trip for when the water is further out is one thing to bear in mind unless you don’t mind scrambling in the dunes.

On the north-east coast of Essex, this beach is hard to pin down on a sat-nav according to some visitors, but we urge you to persevere as it’s well worth it.

On one side is the sea, and the other vast marshland, which might bring Dickensian smugglers to mind!

The only downside to such a remote, secret spot is that there’s no toilets or cafe, so bring a packed lunch or a Thermos.

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