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Instagram-famous dog Momo dies after travelling the world with his best friend and inspiring five picture books

Momo became adored by his 647,000 Instagram followers worldwide

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago ago

Author Andrew Knapp has revealed his beloved dog Momo has died after inspiring his photography books.

He broke the heartbreaking news to Mono’s 647,000 followers on Instagram – saying “even in his final days his eyes lit up my life”.

Momo, a Border Collie, was the inspiration behind ‘Find Momo’, five hide-and-seek photography books by Andrew Knapp.

In the books, the popular pooch would be ‘hidden’ within a picturesque scene – a similar concept to Where’s Wally.

Momo became a well-known name amongst dog lovers worldwide – and his popularity grew in the UK following the release of ‘Find Momo Across Europe’.

In this photography book, Momo toured hotspots around Europe including London, Bath, Girona, Calpe, Glasgow, Arles, Brussels and Calpe, to name just a few.

13 years of Momo were captured on camera (Image: Instagram/@andrewknapp)

In his emotional Instagram post, Andrew said: “There’s an imposing emptiness in my throat, like a reverse nostalgia.

“I know it’s only there because of the fullness that Momo offered, because of how much he lived and allowed me to experience life.

“Momo was pure love. Even in his final days his eyes lit up my life. He was loyal, he was patient as a statue and I could swear he spoke English.”

Throughout Momo’s 13 years, he travelled alongside Andrew and became familiar faces to thousands on social media.

He gained more than 80,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram over his lifetime, after professional photographer and owner Andrew began sharing uplifting photos of Momo hiding amongst scenery under the #findmomo hashtag.

Their extraordinary travel images ended up being the subject of Andrew’s books.

Andrew, of Northern Ontario, Canada, added: “I’m thankful for all the praise and messages you’ve been sending.

“Martin Prechtel describes grief and praise as the same thing. ‘Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honours what it misses.’

“Praise for someone that’s gone isn’t praise for the dead, it’s praise for the fact that they were alive. And this dog was alive enough that I grieved him before he was gone, and I’ll praise him until my end.

“Nature praised him too. The clouds cried all night and the sky opened up an hour before the ceremony.

“His final breath was at 12:43, and my heart went quiet. Shared quietude and laughter with some close friends and their kids.

“In the evening, the sky grieved red. And fireflies outnumbered my tears in the most impressive twilight display I’ve seen.

“I still can’t believe he’s gone. But when someone asks ‘why can’t dogs live forever?, I’m always tempted to respond, ‘they do’.”

Andrew shared his final moments with Momo (Image: Instagram/@andrewknapp)

The post has been liked by more than 103,000 people and comforting messages of love came flooding in for the loss of the canine companion, with one follower writing: “Millions of people’s lives were made better through knowing Momo.”

Earlier this month, Andrew shared on Instagram that “Momo will be taking his last road trip” and it was “the single hardest choice” he has ever had to make.

One follower said: “I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been following your journeys for years and ‘finding’ Momo each post brought me so much joy and peace. Momo was an incredibly special soul.

“I hope you can find at least a little comfort knowing that by sharing your adventures with us, millions of people’s lives were made better through knowing Momo. What a precious gift you both gave to the world.”

Another wrote: “Couldn’t have said it better. Momo does live on in all who he has touched. Thank you Andrew.”

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