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I tried massaging my dog and here’s how it went

Massages are a great way of relaxing your pampered pooch, I thought I'd try it out

Emily Sleight

Posted 2 months ago

I know what you’re thinking, “massaging your dog, seriously?” But believe it or not, massaging your doggo can be a great way of reducing anxiety, increasing circulation and decreasing any general pain that they might be feeling.

If you head over to YouTube, there are loads of different tutorials on how to massage your dog, some of them are pretty funny actually, with some super chill looking dogs enjoying the pamper. The best thing to do first though, is to make sure that you’ve established trust between you and your dog, as we don’t want any accidents (and by accidents, I mean nipping and biting.)

How to massage your dog?

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that your dog is calm in a relaxed state. If it’s anything like my dog, a single change in tone of voice can make them excited! So make sure your dog is sleepy and zen.
  2. Start off by stroking your dog, as opposed to massaging straight away, that way your dog will remain calm and relaxed.
  3. The neck is a particularly soft point for your pupper, as you may have already noticed, so start massaging in circular motions.
  4. Your dog's legs are another soft spot for massaging, especially if they run around a lot, so they’ll be really thankful for this! If you want to massage their paws, be careful, as they have an automatic ‘kicking’ reflex when you touch them.
  5. Move to the back and the side of the spine in soft circular motions, and your pup should be in heaven.
  6. If you want to finish off with a face massage, that’s also an option, it can be particularly relaxing for dogs who like to chew around the jaw area. Once again, just do gentle circular motions.

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I took these points on board and attempted to massage my own dog, Penny, and it actually went surprisingly well. I was a little worried she was going to nibble me, or simply trot off and avoid me, but she didn't. This could be because I chose to massage her when she was in a sleepy state, so I’d definitely recommend doing that if you want to massage your dog.

I’ll be honest, she wasn’t overly impressed with the paw/leg massage, and kind of looked at me like "what on earth are you doing?" But, she particularly enjoyed the face massage - she even shut her eyes! I think the face/jaw massage was definitely her favourite, because she loves to chew literally. Everything.

There was something quite cute about massaging Penny though, I honestly think she really did enjoy it! A big indicator was when I stopped doing it and walked out the room, she followed me and lay down by my desk. That definitely translates to “give me another massage please mum”, don’t you think? She even licked my face mid massage, and did a great big yawn.

If you’re unsure where to start with massaging your dog, there are plenty of videos on YouTube. The Animal Medical Centre uploaded a really useful how to massage your dog tutorial, just take a look at how much that doggo is enjoying it!

For those who feel like pampering their pup, a massage is definitely the way forward, now all you need to do is set the mood with some calming music - and maybe a few dog biccies.

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