I bought my Golden Retriever a Golden Gosig teddy from IKEA and he loves it | TeamDogs

I bought my Golden Retriever a Golden Gosig teddy from IKEA and he loves it

The Golden Retriever teddy cost £17 but it was totally worth it

Charlotte Regen

Posted 51d ago

A lot of dogs love destroying toys but for some reason my dog adores his soft toys. 

My seven-month-old Golden Retriever looks after his toys really well and sucks on his Pooh Bear when he falls asleep. 

But one day I came across a post on a Facebook group where someone had bought their pooch a Golden Retriever teddy from IKEA. 

So of course I went straight there and bought one for my pup. 

I found a huge basket loaded with Golden Golsigs amongst other cuddly toys such as Huskies and lions in the children’s section. 

I immediately cuddled the large teddy and placed it in my yellow bag before making a pitstop for some meatballs - obviously - and heading to the checkout.

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The teddy cost £17 and as a dog owner you will understand that you can't put a price on happiness when it comes to your pup. 

As soon as I got home I presented my dog, Bungle, with his new ‘fren’ and he was buzzing.

He immediately took it and ran around to his bed, swinging his new teddy around. He did get very excited and at one point we did think he was going to hump it, but he didn’t. 

After he got over the initial excitement he laid down and started suckling on the fluffy toy until he fell asleep. 

I genuinely think he believes the teddy is a puppy as he jumps on it trying to initiate a play fight. 

It would appear that he loves his new teddy as he drags it around the house all day and snuggles up to it at naptime. 

So in my opinion, paying the best part of £20 on a teddy for my dog was 100 per cent worth it. 

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