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How to get your dog groomed for free

Dog grooming students are looking for canine models

Charlotte Regen

Posted 2 months ago ago

Washing your dog can be an absolute nightmare.

Your bathroom can go from being a calm and relaxing place to something that resembles a poolside foam party! Everyone and everything ends up drenched and covered in bubbles.

Thankfully, it's a job we can leave to the professionals or the pros in training in this case.

Because Sandwell College, based in West Bromwich, is asking for dog owners across the West Midlands to come and get their dog groomed for free.

It comes as students - training to become professional pooch pamperers - prepare to take their exams and they will be in need of some canine models to test out their new skills.

Melissa Miller, College Lecturer at Sandwell College, said: “Our fully-equipped industry-standard dog grooming salons at Sandwell College help students gain vital experience working with animals and support their application and entry into the dog grooming profession.

“In preparation for the new academic year this September, we’re calling on owners from across the region to bring in their dogs to be groomed as part of our students’ practical exams.

"We’re looking for specific breeds including West Highland Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Schnauzers, Lakeland Terriers and Fox Terriers. All dogs groomed at the College for exam purposes will be free of charge.

“We’re also open to all other breeds for regular dog grooming and care services at the College including bathing, drying, nail clipping, hygiene trim and styling for £10 per session - so we’d encourage local dog owners to get in touch to book an appointment.”

To book a dog grooming appointment, call 0121 667 5083.

For more information about Sandwell College’s Animal Care and Dog Grooming course and the qualifications available, click here.

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