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How my puppy saved me from lockdown loneliness

My dog has been the perfect companion and brightened up our lives

Charlotte Regen

Posted 45d ago

Last year I moved into my first home with my fiance. 

Buying a house when a global pandemic had struck and renovating it has been - and still is - hard work.

However, once we had finally got it into a liveable state I was giddy with the excitement of having our own personal space after living in a bedroom for three years. 

But what I wasn’t prepared for was the loneliness. 

Due to lockdown restrictions I had to work from home, whereas my partner still had some normality of going out everyday to work. Some days I’d be home alone for at least 10 hours. 

Getting a dog was always the next step in the plan. However, Sean would say we couldn’t have one until the house was completely finished. 

But on one cold and snowy Sunday afternoon in February I finally broke down and told him about how much I was struggling with being alone. 

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I think he was already fully aware of how much it was getting to me, which is why he revealed what I was getting for my 25th birthday - a Golden Retriever puppy. 

I felt like all my Christmases had come at once. 

At first I couldn’t grasp what he was showing me. I fully expected to see a video of a Golden Retriever doing something funny he had found on social media, but when I saw a sea of fluffy golden puppies making the cutest little noises I burst into tears and said how it wasn’t fair because I really wanted one. 

Sean revealed that one of them was in fact mine and I immediately started to count down the days until I could meet my furbaby. 

Fast forward four weeks when the puppies were eight-weeks-old and ready to leave their mum I was in a state of pure excitement, fidgeting all day long. The car journey to pick our boy up felt like an eternity but when I finally got to hold my fluffy little nugget I was overwhelmed with love. I knew instantly that I’d never feel alone again. There would be no more lonely lockdown walks. The house would never be silent again because there would always be that lovely pitta-patta of four paws across the floor and obviously, my privacy vanished - if you know, you know. But I always knew my little Bungle bear would be by my side or most likely under my feet! 

I used to get up at the very last minute before work but now every morning I’m out over the park or in the woods with my boy. Which has huge benefits for us both, he’s got to socialise and meet other dogs and I’ve made new friends too in the process. 

I have unlimited cuddles and fussums (as I call them) throughout the day which is just amazing and always puts a smile on my face. 

But do you know that the most incredible thing about dogs is? It’s just how much they are in tune with your emotions. 

I recently went through a really upsetting time and I remember just slumping onto my kitchen floor with tears streaming down my face. I had my partner there to comfort me but my dog came bundling over with his waggly tail and plonked his fluffy bum onto my lap and gave me a cuddle and stayed with me until I had calmed down. 

It really is a true blessing to have that love and loyalty in life. 

I always sit and think about how we are literally our dog’s whole life. We mean the absolute world to them - as they do to us. But I believe it’s more intense for them. 

In the grand scheme of things, our dogs are sadly only with us for part of our lives and it breaks my heart to think of anything happening to my baby boy. But there is no way I’ll ever be able to repay him for the sheer amount of happiness and love he gives me. He has filled a paw-shaped void in my life and I will be forever grateful. 

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