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How long is a dog pregnant?

Find out about your dog’s pregnancy with advice from vet charity PDSA

Leila Marshall

Posted 45d ago

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By Leila Marshall

If your dog is pregnant, it’s understandable that you’re worried about them. It can be just as traumatic for your pup to go through as humans, so it’s important that you are prepared for her whelping to reduce the chance of problems.

The UK’s leading vet charity, the PDSA, has shared a guide to your dog giving birth, from which information is reproduced here with permission.

Preparing for whelping

Due date

Make a note of your dog’s mating date so that you can estimate her due date. Pregnancy in dogs usually lasts around 63 days (but can vary from 57 to 71 days).

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Whelping box

Once you know that your dog is pregnant, it’s a good idea to get everything ready. Set aside a safe, quiet, comfortable space for her to have her pups free from interruption, noise or stress.

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Within that space, she will need a whelping box or large basket, which you can either buy pre-made, or make yourself (often a large cardboard box will do). A whelping box or basket needs to be:

  • In a quiet, secluded room that’s kept at around 22°C.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Lined with a clean absorbent bedding (towels are perfect).
  • Big enough for your dog to stretch out and turn around in.
  • High enough to stop new-born puppies escaping, but low enough for your dog to step over.
  • Also make sure you have plenty of clean towels (or paper towels) for clearing up.

Vet help

Have your vet’s daytime and out-of-hours telephone numbers handy in case you need any help or advice.

Feeding, worming and general care

Make sure your dog is well fed and regularly dewormed during her pregnancy. 

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