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How best to commemorate the life of a beloved dog

Losing your pet dog can be very difficult to deal with, but celebrating their life can help you to grieve


Posted 7 months ago ago

Whether you’ve had them from a puppy or rescued them as an adult, dogs become a huge part of your family and it’s hard to imagine life without them. 

But sadly we all know their lives don’t last forever, so eventually when the time comes where we have to say our goodbyes, it really is heartbreaking. 

Just like people, dog’s lives deserve to be commemorated for all the love and joy they’ve brought to your family.

Equally, celebrating them can help you to grieve and remember all the good times you’ve spent with them over the years. 

Here are some lovely ideas of how you can commemorate the life of your beloved dog. 

Plant a tree or flowers in your garden

There’s no doubt dogs love the outdoors and your garden may have been one of their favourite places to play.

With that in mind, why not plant a tree or flowers at a chosen spot in your garden to signify your pet's life. 

The tree will continue to grow and provide you with a daily feeling of comfort whilst looking outside and remembering where your dog used to play. 

Create a memory book

Most doggy lovers are obsessed with snapping cute pictures of their pups, so why not gather together your photos from over the years.

From puppy snaps to walks with the family, you’re sure to have plenty of pics that will bring back lots of beautiful memories.

Buy a nice photo album or scrapbook, arrange the photos in order and stick them down. You can then treasure this for years to come and refer back to it whenever you want to feel closer to your dog.

Write a farewell letter

Sometimes pets are taken from us unexpectedly which means we don’t always get a chance to say goodbye. 

Writing your feelings down in a letter to them, telling them how much you love them and reminiscing, can help you to grieve. 

You could even bury this in the garden alongside the tree to bid a final farewell. 

Have a personalised item made

Why not make one of your dog's belongings permanent by having something personal made?

You could get your dog’s collar tag made into a bracelet or necklace so that a part of them will always be with you.

Alternatively, if you have a print of your dog’s paw you could have this engraved and made into a piece of jewellery. If you don’t have your dog’s paw print before they pass away, some jewellers are able to use a photograph to create a copy just like it. 

Hold a memorial service

Gather your close friends and family together and hold a special memorial service for them.

Those who love you and your pet will offer you comfort during these tough times and help you to say your goodbyes. 

You can even play a song that may remind you of your furry friend. 

Reminisce on the good times 

Perhaps you have been feeling really low and missing your pup being around. 

So instead of dwelling on the fact that they’re gone, it’s important to remember the happy times you shared with them. 

Get your family together, have a glass of wine, raise a toast and reminisce on the great times you shared with them. We bet they’ll be a few funny moments to laugh at too!

Find a new home for their belongings

The hardest part of losing your pet can be seeing their belongings around your home.

Whether it’s their bed that’s still sat in the corner of the room or their squeaky toy you’ve found under the sofa, it’s not easy coming across constant reminders of your loss.

As soon as you feel ready to part with them, it’s a good idea to sort through their things and find a new home for their bits and bobs.

It’s definitely recommended to keep a few of their favourite toys, but why not give the rest to a friend who just got a new pup or donate them to a dog rescue centre where you know they’ll be loved just as much as your dog did. 

Give something back

It may be that you’re struggling with quietness around the house or time alone that would usually be spent walking or caring for your dog.

Instead of dwelling on it, why not dedicate this new found time to helping out at a local animal shelter or signing up to be a dog walker. 

This will not only help you to grieve but you’ll also be giving something back to those in need whilst doing so. 

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