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Hilarious dog takes ‘social distancing to the next level’

He’s not moving out of the way for anyone

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

How do you keep people two meters away? Carry around a big stick apparently.

A hilarious dog has been showing people how to socially distance in a viral video that’s been viewed more than 28 million times.

In the video posted on TikTok, the caption read: “I am very busy and important.”

The account, @boscoandhisbigstick, is dedicated to Bosco’s walks around London and the reaction he receives from people having to move out of the way of him and his big stick.

And when we say big, it really is huge.

In the viral video, Bosco can be seen walking towards crowds of people on a footpath, who have to move around him to get past.

One man tries to stand in his way but this doesn’t deter Bosco, instead he turns around and gives him a disapproving stare.

Many users have commented how the dog is just showing people how to socially distance.

One user said: “He’s just trying to make sure everyone stays 6ft away from him.”

While another commented: “Social distance please.”

A third added: “Took social distancing to the next level.”

Another wrote: “The dog is better at social distancing than us humans.”

Others commented on how the dog had made their day.

“I love that everyone moved out of the way and let him carry on,” one user commented.

Another added: “OMG I love him. It’s so cute seeing all the smiles he’s putting on people’s faces.”

“This made my day,” said another.

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