Hero dog Cherry has won our third Dog Show competition | TeamDogs

Hero dog Cherry has won our third Dog Show competition

Our Golden Oldie award goes to a very deserving old dog

Nia Dalton

Posted 6d ago

We have counted your votes and can now reveal the winner of our Golden Oldie Award in our TeamDogs Dog Show. 

The amazing Cherry received the most likes on her submitted photo, and has been crowned TeamDogs’ Golden Oldie - which we can all agree is very well deserved. 

Rescue dog Cherry is eight years old and has taught herself how to care for her disabled owner, including alerting other family members to seizures.

TeamDogs user Julie Barrett nominated Cherry for the competition, and said: “Cherry is an eight year old rescue dog who was previously a breeding bitch at a puppy farm. 

“She has overcome abuse, neglect, illness and extreme anxiety to become a happy little dog. 

“Her owner is disabled and Cherry alerts another family member if her owner has a seizure, falls or otherwise needs help (she barks/howls and runs to and fro from her owner to the other family member leading them to where help is needed). 

“This is something she has taught herself to do, she is amazing and very special.”

Cherry on her birthday (Image: Julie Barrett)

We are in awe of Cherry and her incredible abilities to protect her owner at all costs. 

You, Cherry, are our top Golden Oldie! 

Julie and Cherry will win a rosette and a gift box, as well as going forward to the overall category of Best in Show, which will be announced on Saturday.

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We haven’t forgotten about our other beautiful golden oldies though. Take a look at 15 special senior dogs that may not have won the competition - but have won our hearts. 

The fun continues tomorrow, where your pups will be competing in our Best Trick category.

If your dog can roll, jump, twirl or high five, we want to see it!

You can enter the competition by submitting a video of your dog’s best trick on our TeamDogs Facebook page tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the Dog Show post. 

And may the best pup win!

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