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Here are the 11 best things about owning a dog

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Posted 7 months ago ago

1. Someone will always be happy to see you

Partners and relatives might grunt at you as you walk through the door, but a dog never will. Nothing compares to their unbridled joy at greeting their owner after a few hours (or even minutes) apart. 

2. You'll smile every day 

Us humans have bad days, sad days, angry days...but owning a dog means there's always a reason to smile, whether it's seeing their excitement at going for a walk, bringing you a toy or their grumpy expression when they find you sitting in "their" chair. And studies have shown that having a dog can reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Getting to know all the best beauty spots

Owning a dog is a ready-made excuse to scout out some of the most beautiful parts of your local area for fun walks (and further afield when virus restrictions allow). From beaches to nature reserves and parks, they're all places that you might not think of venturing to without your canine companion.

4 They'll keep you active

.Regular walks are good for your dog and they're good for owners. They'll get you off the sofa and clocking up those steps, even if formal exercise feels like too much of a chore. And playing games like fetch will also help to get your heart rate up. 

5. Having a resident pest controller

There isn't much that your average dog won't be tempted to eat and most will eat their fair share of insects over their lifetime. That's particularly handy for owners terrified of finding creepy crawlies in the house. Most of the time this habit is harmless, but be aware that dogs can catch lungworm by eating infected slugs and snails. 

6. Meeting new people

Admittedly the idea of more social interactions might sound hideous to some but even the briefest of chats with a fellow dog owner can snap you out of a bad mood and put a smile on your face. It can really make you feel part of your community - particularly in our socially-distanced times. 

7. You'll never feel lonely with a dog around

They're not called man's (and woman's!) best friend for nothing. Dogs make the best companions and they love company. Not all dogs want to snuggle on the sofa but they're always happy to spend time with you. 

8. They teach us - and kids - valuable life skills

Having a dog is a big responsibility and training them means devoting time and patience to the task and setting up a routine. All these things can be applied to other areas of our lives. Losing them is devastating but when the time comes, it also teaches us important life lessons about dealing with grief and loss. 

9. You'll learn to live in the moment and appreciate the small things

You're fretting about tomorrow, next week, next year while your dog's only care is for what's happening right now - be it that delicious bowl of dog food in front of them or their upcoming morning walk. They don't sweat over the small stuff that might not even happen. 

10. They're good for your heart (and not just the emotional side)

Experts believe dogs could be good for your cardiovascular health - perhaps because they motivate owners to be more active, or the calming effect - and lower blood pressure - associated with patting and stroking a dog.

11. Dogs make you less selfish

When you have a dog you have to think about their needs. They can't create a routine, feed themselves or wander out on a solo walk - it's all down to you to deliver. It's not all about you any more!

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