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Help needed: urgent appeal for missing newborn puppies who might not survive the night

Rescuers found a mother dog wandering the streets of Cardiff without her puppies

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago

This morning, a female dog who had recently given birth was found in Roath, Cardiff, with no puppies in sight.

The mum is a brown coloured crossbreed, so it is hard to say what the puppies would look like.

The young crossbreed was found by local dog walkers and taken in by Cardiff Dogs Home, but they are desperately appealing for people to search their gardens for the missing puppies.

Gillian Baird, 29, got a call this morning at around 10am from a friend saying a vulnerable female dog had been spotted running around the streets of Roath. 

Gillian, who lives on Newminster Road, is part of a Whatsapp group of around 20 dog walkers who clubbed together to find the dog. She had been spotted near Blanche Street, by the Royal Oak pub. 

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Gillian said, “My friend Emily and her friend Cat found her on St Peter’s rugby pitch, laying down. The poor thing was weak and exhausted because she’d just been running.”

She explained they knew straight away she had just given birth because of her swollen teats.

She said, “She was very sweet but you could just tell she was really not okay. Starving and terrified but still let us pet and give her water.”

They called Cardiff Dogs Home who came to collect her. Gillian, Cat, Emily and Cardiff Dogs Home decided against using the dog to lead them to her puppies. 

To start with, she needed immediate veterinary assistance. She was not hurt but very dehydrated and had lots of swelling.

Gillian said, “We couldn’t risk her walking across Newport Road and the search area would have been huge. We didn’t know where to start.”

Cardiff Dogs Home have since updated that the dog, who is being called Mably, has settled but is being kept in quiet isolation as she is nervous and agitated.

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Any puppies are yet to be seen. There is the possibility that Mably was dumped by an owner who wanted money for the puppies, or she is a runaway. However, there could also be a litter of vulnerable puppies on the streets, who Gillian is desperate to track down.

She said, “The puppies won’t survive throughout the night because not only are they not getting fed but foxes and what have you could get them before the morning.

“We want everyone to have a look in their back gardens before dusk when wildlife could come out and take them.

“I’m no expert but I used to volunteer and a lot of the times when we found puppies it was under decks or sheds, they look for solid structures or a dense bush.”

Gillian posted her plea on the community app Nextdoor, urgently asking for residents along Albany and Newport Road to look in gardens, under patios and sheds for puppies.

Other residents reached out and said they had also seen her running around this morning.

As for Mably, she already has a couple of people in the community dog walker Whatsapp group interested in adopting her.

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