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Goldendoodles leave groomers looking like a completely ‘different breed’

The fluffy dogs’ transfurmations were not quite what the owner was expecting

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

While many of us have had to contend with some rather dodgy DIY haircuts over the last few months, luckily our dogs have not had to contend with the same fate - groomers have been allowed to open.

But sometimes a trip to the groomers doesn’t necessarily end in quite the trim the owner was expecting.

One dog owner had quite the shock when she picked up her two Goldendoodles looking like a completely ‘different breed’.

Posting a video on Tik Tok with before-and-after clips, the two dogs look unrecognisable following their makeover.

The video, posted by @itsmeclao, has gone viral on the social media site with more than 360k views and thousands of likes.

Hundreds of people commented on the video, many suggesting the reason for the drastic cut was down to matting and the owner not brushing their dogs enough, leaving the groomer with no other choice.

One person said: "They only cut the hair like that when it's so matted it's uncomfortable to comb the dog out. Not the groomers fault."

Another replied: "They probably need to be combed 3-4 times a week. Are you doing that?"

Others couldn’t believe the difference with some even questioning if they were the same dogs.

One user commented: "Are you sure those are your dogs?"

“They came out different breeds," said another.

The owner later commented to defend themselves against those who suggested the dogs had not been brushed regularly, adding: "I love my babies. This happened in just a couple of snowstorms because I let them play outside. 

“They looked happy in the before.

"They get groomed every other month. It's not his fault he's amazing."

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