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Golden retriever melts his owner’s heart every morning with cheesy grin before breakfast

Mulligan’s smile is proving that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago

By Nia Dalton and Simon Green

Viewers can’t resist this golden retriever’s cute morning routine to smile before having breakfast.

The viral video of Mulligan the goldie patiently waiting to eat was shared on Instagram and has been viewed by 48,000 people worldwide.

The footage shows dog Mulligan patiently waiting by his food and water bowls to eat his breakfast.

His owner tells him to sit and captures Mulligan’s ‘handsome boy smile’ on camera, which melts his owner’s heart. 

After a brief moment showing off his smile, the dog is allowed to excitedly dig into his meal.

The video, taken in Michigan, US, was uploaded to Instagram with a caption mimicking the dog’s voice: “Evfurry morning, mahm makes me practice my patience before brekfast but little does she know, iz also practicing my handsome boy smiles to melt her heart.

“So I nevfurr have to wait too long…”

(Image: Instagram/ Good Boy Mulligan)

The post was shared on the Daily Star and has been viewed by more than 48,000 dog lovers worldwide. 

One fan commented: “That smile though. Don’t blame your momma, we all melt at that smile.”

Another said: “The goodest boy with the biggest smiles!”

“Who can resist that smile,” a third agreed. 

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