Golden Retriever Marley leaps over 65 food containers in impressive high jump | TeamDogs

Golden Retriever Marley leaps over 65 food containers in impressive high jump

His owner eventually ran out of things to pile up!

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 2 months ago

A Golden Retriever who thinks he’s human has surprised his owners with his many hidden talents.

But one of the latest was Marley’s high jump attempt, which saw him clear 65 food containers stacked on top of each other!

The social media star @MarleyinNYC has over 261,000 Instagram followers, and 1.6million TikTok followers, racking up 153 million views on his show jumping attempt over on YouTube.

His owner, Gary, lay nine containers in a row, bridging the gap between the wall and the counter, which the service dog cleared effortlessly.

Gary added row after row, but Marley would simply trot along the corridor and make light work of the jump.

At layer five, Marley thought ‘this is too easy’, and continued to fly over the wall of food until he managed to clear eight rows - or 65 containers.

By which point, Gary had ran out of things to stack - or Marley would've probably carried on jumping higher.

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Over on Instagram, his followers adored the video, with many saying their own dogs would surely knock down the wall.

One said: “You make it look easy peasy!”

Whilst another added: “Are you part kangaroo?”

Marley certainly has some serious high jumping skills.

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