Golden retriever can’t contain excitement when finally able to see his best friend after lockdown | TeamDogs

Golden retriever can’t contain excitement when finally able to see his best friend after lockdown

Their heartwarming reunion leaving viewers in tears

Paul McAuley

Posted 54d ago

Remember that feeling when you first saw your friend after what felt like forever because of lockdown?

Well thankfully, that moment was captured on camera for the world to enjoy when Kevin the Goldie was reunited with his best friend.

Kevin, who now has a whopping 640,000 followers on TikTok, took centre stage for the adorable video shared to Twitter.

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The clip begins with Kevin stylishly rocking a unicorn hat before giving the camera sad eyes. Then a strapline flashes across the screen reading: “Kevin was sad because he missed his best friend.”

It cuts to show the best buddies hilariously FaceTiming before Kevin is finally allowed out to go and see him in the flesh.

He is driven to his pal’s house where the moment they are reunited is recorded.Kevin was greeted by his friend and also hugged goodbye. @agoldennamedkev

Kevin’s friend runs out of his house to greet his fellow Goldie by jumping up to his passenger side.

They then have the best time playing together and even drink from the same water bowl.

When it is time to say goodbye, the other Goldie jumps up once more to where Kevin is sitting in the car to lick him one last time.

The video has been watched more than 46,000 times since it was posted to Twitter account @agoldennamedkev and viewers were quick to comment on how it tugged at their heartstrings.

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“Why am I crying,” one commented.

Another wrote: “That made me tear up. They love each other. I love Kevin’s adventures.”

A third added: “That's the most precious video I have ever seen.”

While a fourth gushed: “Oh my heart! That’s the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time! So needed this.”

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