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Going behind the lens of a dog photographer

From birthday photos to graduation moments, photographer Pete Jones has snapped them all and now wants show his favourite

Paul McAuley

Posted 41d ago

Two-year-old Lily captured in a mid action shot. PJ Pet Photography

One photographer has been capturing iconic photos of dogs across Merseyside and they are sure to put a smile on your face. 

Pete Jones first got into photography after he finished travelling the world and felt he had missed the opportunity to capture all the amazing sights he saw.

Wanting to change that, he purchased an expensive DSLR camera and when he realised he had already taken thousands of photos of his 'mischievous' Cairn Terrier, Cassie, he decided to combine his love of photography and dogs.

Now luckily for us, the 51-year-old wants to share some of his most funniest photos he has snapped.

Max, the Border Collie was pictured at four-months-old when he was graduating from a training class.

He was fascinated by Pete making silly noises to get his attention, hence the head tilting in his picture.

Luna the bulldog was celebrating her first birthday. The gorgeous pup is from Melling and isn't shy in front of the camera.

Pete told TeamDogs : "Luna is really funny and very loving, subsequently the shoot took a little while before we captured her at her best as she was more interested in cuddles and treats then sitting still for the photographer."

Betty the five-month-old cross breed had a tough start to life and was born in a rescue centre after her mum had been abandoned.

She suffered breathing problems as a pup so had to be hand reared by the rescue staff.

Pete describes her as "boundless energy, very fast and not shy of me at all. In fact in between taking pictures she was keen to get as many belly rubs from me as possible."

Jerry was pictured straight after a bath and a dry so he is looking his best.

The 11-month-old French Bulldog is very curious and inquisitive and that's why he is so close to the lens.

Chico the six-year-old French Bulldog was photographed during a mini shoot at Mutts off the Lead Enclosed Dog in Maghull.

The photos from the shoot were a surprise present for Chico’s mum paid for by her daughter and she apparently cried when she saw this photo.

Pete said: "One word to describe Chico during the shoot and that was cheeky. I get the impression from Jayne (who paid for the shoot) that he is very mischievous and extremely spoiled!"

Another photogenic dog from the same event was four-month-old Bonnie.

Pete says he loves this shot as she hadn't quite grown into her ears at this point.

Rudi, a rescue cross, turned one and spent the day being pictured and playing fetch.

Pete added: "It took a few attempts to get the “Birthday” hat shot as she obviously wanted to carry on playing; who wouldn’t? I think she would have kept going all day if you let her."

Three best friends, Duchess, Finlay and Zuko were photographed at their owner's house in Southport.

The six-week-old Labradors are just three from a litter of seven.

It was thought to be only a litter of six until Zuko made a surprise appearance the following morning after his brothers and sisters were born.

Pete explained that since making his hobby into a career he loves meeting people and their dogs. He added: "Being honest, there is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than either seeing or hearing the dog owners’ reactions to the pictures they receive and that is the part I love the best.

Pete's photography session can be booked via his Facebook. He covers outdoor, indoor, scenic, woodland, beach and field areas suited to your dog's needs.