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Get a dog they said

It'll be fun they said

Ceri Gould Thomas

Posted 6 months ago ago

It has now taken me 20 minutes to get to this point. I'm doing the March 100k for Breast Cancer run and it's my day off so I have no excuse not to get in a few kilometres.

There's just one thing I'm missing. Well, actually, two things I'm missing. My trainers.

I found my favourite Brooks trainer downstairs under the hallway bench. You know, where I'd left it. But the left one? Nowhere to be seen.

I then dug out my older, less favourite black Asics from the cupboard. I found, you know, the left one.

By now I'm marching around the house, lopsidedly looking for the other shoe. Tommy is getting impatient. He can see I'm almost ready to go for a walk and he can't understand why it's taking so long.

He's driving me mad.

Then I look down into his big brown eyes and I'm sure I see a flicker of guilt. Ah yes, let me just check one last place.

I walk to the top of the house and Tommy's bed which sits next to my work desk. And ta-dah! As if by magic, the left trainer of both sets.

Tommy looks at me as if to say, 'come on then, let's go'.

I make him wait. I sit down and write this and share it in the hope that it will prompt some - I get thats - from fellow dog-owners. I'm imagining my fellow TeamDogs right now, limping around the house searching for that missing shoe or trainer.

If that's you, share my pain by sharing yours. Email me on

Yes, Tommy, I'm talking about you. Right, let's go for our run... finally

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