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Frenchie shows who’s the boss in hilarious video

Miss Ivy put that poor Labrador in her place

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

We all know our dogs would rule the roost if we let them. 

And sometimes they also like to show who is boss when it comes to other pets.

One puppy who has hilariously marked her territory is a French Bulldog named Miss Ivie.

In a video posted by her owner @missdaisy_missivy on Tik Tok, it shows the adorable pup spread out in a huge bed with lots of space, while Buddy the Lab lays sleeping on the smaller bed with very little space next to her.

The video has since gone viral with 2.5 million views.

And it’s not hard to see the funny side of this ‘freaking hilarious’ video, it certainly had us amused.

One user commented: “I’m dead. That made my day.”

A second said: “That’s freaking hilarious.”

While a third added: “I think I might be the only owner that would make the little one move LOL...This is precious.”

Others questioned whether it was down to the nature and characteristics of the different dog breeds.

One user said: “That’s pretty much how it goes. Frenchies rule everything. Mine would boss my 60lb Boxer around.”

Another added: “Labs just want a quiet life and lots of food.”

If those were our dogs, we wouldn’t have the heart to move them either. They both look so peaceful enjoying a snooze. Adorable! 

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