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Frenchie loved by Rugby star Sam Warburton is looking for a new home

Despite being labelled as one of the star’s favourites, she’s not received any interest since being at the centre

Danielle Elton

Posted 2d ago

Written by Danielle Elton and Rebecca Astill

A French Bulldog who captured the heart of rugby star Sam Warburton is looking for a new home after receiving little to no interest from adopters during her six months in kennels.

Frenchie Elle suffers from a few health conditions due to poor breeding but that didn’t stop her winning over former British and Irish Lions player Sam, who is also the ambassador of Cardiff Dogs Home.

She was labelled as one of his favourites.

They were both spotted posing together last month at the grand opening of the centre’s Rescue Hotel - a new facility offering onsite veterinary services.

Sharing the photos of the pair on Facebook as though Elle had written it, the post read: “Last weekend I got to meet Sam Warburton he is very nice and I loves him very much.

“I’ve been at the hotel since March and sometimes when I think about it, it makes me want to cry.”

Sadly, Elle hasn’t managed to capture the hearts of any would-be adopters, mainly due to her health concerns.

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Poor breeding means she has minimal movement in her back legs which means she hops along and has to wear boots to protect her paws. She also struggles with occasional collapsing.

But this doesn’t stop her from getting out and enjoying walks, nor has she let it dampen her spirit.

Elle is looking for an adult-only home, although there is potential for her to live with children older than 13. She could also live with another dog, as long as they are calm and neutered.

Although many rescue centres tend to have a real mix of dogs, with many crossbreeds and Staffies, French Bulldogs are the most common breed at the Cardiff Dogs Home. This is because of Frenchie breeding being rife in South Wales.

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Could you give sweet Elle a safe and loving home? Head over to Cardiff Dogs Home’s website to find out more about her and how you can apply.

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