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Football-loving Biggles could be coming home with you

Dog’s Trust Shoreham says the fun-loving Lurcher has as much energy and stamina as our England football squad

Leila Marshall

Posted 2 months ago ago

Meet Biggles, the two-year-old Lurcher who loves ‘The Beautiful Game’ – football. Dogs Trust Shoreham is looking for an owner for him who can match his remarkable energy and spirits. 

Biggles needs a family who are active and will make him feel like part of their team. He needs a varied lifestyle but needs a routine and regular walks to keep his Lurcher traits satisfied. 

This talented boy thrives off learning new skills and tricks, so his adopters should be able to dedicate their time to ongoing training. Biggles has already made quite the impression at the rehoming centre in Shoreham, and his carers know he will flourish even more in his new home. 

Biggles with his beloved football (image: Dog's Trust Shoreham)

His extremely excitable manner sometimes makes him forget his manners around new humans. However, beneath his cheeky character, he is a big old softie. 

Biggles would suit an adult-only home who are keen to offer plenty of time to him and could work to build a loving bond with him before he goes home with them. He cannot live with cats, caged birds or other small furry pets but could live with a doggy friend who suits him well. 

The boisterous Lurcher needs quieter playing fields to go on walks and must be walked on his muzzle and lead in public. A garden is a must for this energetic chap, so he can blow off some steam from time to time. 

If you think you could Change the Tale for Biggles, visit for more information. 


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