Fluffy dog’s first trip to the groomers left him looking like 'Pennywise the Clown' | TeamDogs

Fluffy dog’s first trip to the groomers left him looking like 'Pennywise the Clown'

Poor Bear looked visibly upset at his new look

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

A dog was left looking like the creepy clown from Stephen King's novel 'It' after a trip to the groomers went wrong.

Clearly unamused, poor Bear’s makeover had him looking rather sorry for himself.

While I’m sure we can all relate to suffering some dodgy cuts over the years, Bear’s new look was quite the transformation, and it was his first time at the groomers.

The Goldendoodle looked rather different after his first trip.

His owner, @yessieyas, shared his before-and-after photos on Tik Tok, with the caption: "Please pray for Bear ain't nothing wrong, he's just a little ugly now."

On-screen captions read: "We hoped Bear's first trip to the groomer would go well.

"It did not. He now looks like the clown from IT."

The video has gone viral with one million views and receiving thousands of comments.

One viewer joked: "My man looks like just lost 20 pounds."

"He looks like he's contemplating his entire existence," said another.

One jokingly warned: "That's not your dog, they lost yours and made up some s*** about the haircut."

Another commented: "This only happens when the dogs are extremely matted underneath...get an undercoat brush."

The owner later commented that she knew the groomer had no choice but to shave him since he was so matted.

She added: "That doesn't mean I can't laugh about how ridiculous he looks now."

Another said: "Oh my GOD, the way Bear looks so sad in the car."

The owner commented: "That photo kills me, like what's got you so down buddy.

"Is it the fact that you're hairless now?"

His owner also mentioned how she had learned that in future she needs to make sure she brushes his undercoat.

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