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Five myths about boxer dogs busted

A specialist dog trainer has cleared up five common myths about boxers, as they currently rank in third place in the UK’s favourite dog breed competition

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

There are many negative misconceptions about Boxers, but here at TeamDogs, we love them!

And it seems our community of dog lovers do too – Boxers are currently ranking in third place in our UK’s Favourite Dog Breed competition.

To understand exactly why these misconceptions exist, specialist dog trainer Jo Wilson unpicks the myths from the reality.

“Boxers are stereotypically aggressive, dangerous and thick,” Jo explains. “But really they are fun, energetic, powerful, loyal and friendly. 

“They are known as the clowns of the dog world.”

Jo Wilson, 49, from Teesside, has owned Boxers for more than 25 years, and now specialises in training them.

Jo’s Instagram account has more than 37,000 followers and she has two very special Boxers of her own – four-year-old Noodles and two-year-old Teddy Fury (yes – her boxer is named after the boxer!)

Here are five myths about Boxers debunked:

1. Boxers are dangerous – FALSE

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

“Boxers are definitely not dangerous, but their appearance may give that impression. They are very muscular and tend to have their heads jutted forward and chests puffed out. It can look intimidating.

“They are very energetic in nature, and will often be up on their back legs. It could appear that they’re lunging at you, but really they want to kiss your face!

“They are strong dogs, but they are not dangerous when trained correctly.”

2. Boxers are hard to train – FALSE

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

“With the right training, Boxers excel.

“They have a stubborn streak and don’t like being told what to do. But if you tap into a Boxer’s mind and find out what they like, you can train them with it.

“Boxers love to run, play and box, but they also love cuddles, company and food.”

3. Boxers aren't safe around young children – FALSE

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

“Rubbish! My son was two years old when we got my first rescue Boxer. He’s never known life without a Boxer dog. 

“They are excellent around children. They don’t like being left alone and they love a family unit.”

4. Boxers are loud – TRUE

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

“Very! They’ve got a big booming bark on them and they aren’t afraid to use it.

“Boxers are very vocal. They moan and talk back to you. My Boxers have full conversations with me every day.

“They are definitely not a quiet breed.”

5. Boxers are stupid – FALSE

(Image: Instagram/ Noodley_Noodles)

“Boxers are one of the cleverest breeds I have ever encountered. They are used in the services for search and rescue, and as guide dogs. 

“If trained correctly, they can do anything you want them to.

“Boxers are amazing and most definitely one of the most intelligent dogs.”

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