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Five dogs who enjoy water sports with their owners

Rico, Maisy, Pickle, Toffee and Bosco all love the water

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Katie Collier  

We all do different things with our spare time and it’s a bonus if our canine companions can join us. We think getting out on the water with a dog sounds like a great way to spend time together.  

Rachel Rodgers, Louise Humphrey and Lynne Sayer are just three dog owners from the UK who love to do water sports with their dogs. Cina Kim and Joseph Lee, from Los Angeles, California, also have a dog who they love to paddle board with.  

Rachel, from Nantwich, Cheshire, decided to introduce her dogs, Rico the Kokoni and Maisy the Jug, to kayaking when she discovered they didn’t like swimming.  

Rachel with Rico and Maisy. (Image: Rachel Rodgers)

She said that when her partner is pumping up the kayak, “Our two dogs have to be kept on leads and sit with me as they already start climbing in it as they are so keen to go out on the water.” 

The 31-year-old made it more comfortable by adding floats and towels with Velcro. She is a keen open water swimmer and often gets kisses from Maisy who leans over the side of the kayak.  

Last year Rachel had planned a trip to Lake Annecy in France but didn’t make it because of the pandemic, so instead they started kayaking in the Lake District. Next they’d like to kayak along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  

Louise Humphrey and her black Labrador, Pickle, love to regularly paddle board on the sea. Every school holiday, Louise and her family take three-year-old Pickle to Cornwall.  

Pickle with Louise's son. (Image: Louise Humphrey)

The Canicross trainer and Pilates instructor said: “I think she quite enjoys it. She’s very prey driven and it gets her closer to the seagulls!” 

Pickle loves paddle boarding so much that she starts to get excited as soon as the boards are being pumped up.  

Lynne and her Lakeland Terrier, Toffee, also enjoy getting out on a paddle board. 

Lynne's dog Toffee. (Image: Lynne Sayer) 

Toffee lives with her family in Aberystwyth and enjoys paddle boarding in Welsh locations as well as Poldhu, Cornwall. She goes out on the board with Lynne’s partner, Graham.  

Lynne, 49, said: “She enjoys the flat water paddle and has good balance. She’s a little unsure when catching some of the waves but she stands fast and holds her ground.” 

Cina and Joseph adopted Bosco the Miniature Pinscher who loves to go out on the lake and sea about three times in the summer months.  

Bosco with owners Cina and Joseph. (Image: Cina Kim and Joseph Lee)

At first Bosco wasn’t keen on the water but after his owners bought him some goggles and a life vest he felt better. He even tries to jump off the kayak when he sees a duck.  

The three-year-old has tried swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking. His owners would like to get him on a boat soon too, when Covid allows.  

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