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Firefighters smash wall to rescue trapped dog that was missing for five days

Gertie was safely reunited with her delighted owners Connie and Lynn

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Fiona Jackson  

We love to see dogs reunited with their family after they’ve gone missing. This is the moment a firefighter smashed through a wall to rescue a trapped dog and deliver her safely back to her delighted owners. 

Missing posters for Gertie had been up for nearly a week all over Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 

Owners Connie Frick and Lynn Herman had no idea the small dog had fallen down a gap behind the garage and was wedged between it and a wall. 

But Vanessa Roland heard a dog crying behind her neighbour's garage wall and alerted them to the noise.  

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Gertie was rescued by firefighters. (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

The pooch could be spotted through a hole in the floorboards of the room above. 

Cincinnati Fire Department was called to the rescue. With no way of lifting Gertie out, firefighters cut a hole in the concrete block wall with saws and a sledgehammer. 

 After about 10 minutes, firefighter Jenny Adkins was able to reach in and pull the dog to safety. Gertie was then reunited with her elated owners Connie and Lynn. 

Gertie reportedly escaped when Lynn was coming through the front door and ran off into the woods.  

It is thought that the tiny escape artist fell down a hole in the roof of the garage and had been stuck there for the entire five days she'd been missing. 

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