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Dramatic Pug ‘turned into a rooster’ after having his nails trimmed

His screams sounded almost human

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

While this adorable Pug’s reaction to having his nails trimmed absolutely melted our hearts, I’m sure it’s something that many of us owners can relate to.

Clipping a dog’s nails is an important part of their grooming routine. Allowing their claws to get too long can result in them experiencing pain and discomfort and can put pressure on their paws.

Long nails can also be prone to infection.

So while this beautiful Pug sounded pretty traumatised by the experience and really has our sympathy, we understand that his owner is doing it for his own good.

Posting a video of the experience on Tik Tok, owner @kalikohlhof wrote: “I have no words”

The on-screen caption also read: “Have you ever seen a dog this dramatic.”

The video has since gone viral attracting 37.6 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

The clip also got a mention on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night.

While we can’t help but feel for the poor dog, many who have viewed the clip also saw the funny side of the dog’s reaction.

And loads of people commented on how human-like the dog’s scream sounded.

One wrote: “He sounds like a human.”

A second added: “That’s not a dog, that’s a human in a dog’s body.”

A third commented: “I never knew dogs can even scream.”

Others made witty remarks about the video.

One joked: “Me when my alarm goes off for work.”

A second said: “He do be hitting Ariana Grande notes there.”

A third added: “That dog turned into a whole rooster.”

“Show people you’re a drama queen without telling them you’re a drama queen,” said another.

We’re sure, though, this Pug has now recovered from his brush with the clippers.

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