Dopey spaniel doesn’t realise stick landed right beside him | TeamDogs

Dopey spaniel doesn’t realise stick landed right beside him

Cooper failed to keep his eye on the prize as he leapt into the water

Chloe Bowen

Posted 26d ago

We all know how super savvy and clever dogs can be, but they can have pretty daft moments too.

Cooper has given us a good laugh here at TeamDogs after going ‘stick blind’.

Alex Stoddart, 24, from Otago in New Zealand, was filming the cocker spaniel with the hope of seeing him run artfully after his stick. However, Cooper was left confused when he could see no stick in sight.

Cooper gets excited about sticks but this time he completely missed (Image: Alex Stoddart)

The footage shows Cooper jumping and barking excitedly next to the water, urging Alex to throw the stick that he had in his hands. He leaps into the water as the stick travels through the air, only for it to splash right next to Cooper. And the pup didn’t have a clue.

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Poor Cooper stood there looking completely lost as to where it had gone.

Alex said: “He’s a smart dog but as you can see from the video he’s a bit dopey sometimes.”

Cooper is definitely a water dog and will find it on every walk. Unfortunately the water didn’t work in Cooper’s favour this time.

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Alex shared Cooper’s moment of confusion on Facebook joking how his ‘favourite thing about spaniels is their high IQ.’

The comments were bursting with people admitting they had watched it more than once with it getting funnier each time.

We hope it made you laugh as much as it did us.

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