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Dogspotting - the Facebook group with almost 2million members

The rules are simple - spot a dog then post it

Charlotte Regen

Posted 4 months ago

There are thousands of dog groups on Facebook.

But have you ever come across one where you’re not allowed to post your own dog? 

Dogspotting has a huge following with a whopping 1.8million members. 

But what makes this group so different from the others? 

Well, first of all, there are some rules. The idea behind the group is to post original content of dogs you have spotted out and about. 

You can’t post pictures of dogs in places where you would expect to find a pooch, such as a park or the groomers. 

And the golden rule is you can’t post pictures of your own dog or a dog you know. It has to be a dog you have purely met while out and about. 

Another biggie is no spots while driving - which goes without saying. 

Although service and working dogs are cute, they don’t count as spots, unfortunately. 

Other rules you have to follow are no emotionally charged content or graphic images.

So now we have got the rules out of the way, let’s talk about some of the adorable posts in the group.

One top spot was golden girl Callie who was spotted boating. 

The beautiful honey-coloured Retriever obediently gave her spotter a paw and revealed her cute little collar tag which read: “Please rub my butt.” 

Callie racked up a score of 10/10 and TeamDogs couldn’t agree more. 

The post clocked up over 21,000 likes, 2,000 comments and more than 500 shares. 

One snippet of footage that also attracted a phenomenal number of likes was a video of a Golden Retriever sipping water from a water fountain and carelessly lounging by the water. 

More than 19,000 members reacted to the overly cute post. 

A Basset Hound pup also got a lot of love after he was spotted out shopping. 

The tiny boy named Odin was pictured striking a series of poses in his trolley - including a cheeky wink.

So, if you’re looking for some positive, fun and dog-related content Dogspotting is the perfect Facebook group to join. It’s also great if you absolutely love dogs, but don’t have one of your own. 

If you want to join the group make sure you read all of the rules and answer the membership questions. 

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