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Dogs owners’ confessions reveal a nation of pampered pooches

Are you guilty of any of these?

Millie Reeves

Posted 7 months ago ago

Do you like to watch Netflix with your dog on the sofa? Or let them snuggle up to you in bed in the morning?

Many of us treat our pets as if they were people, with some owners even letting their dog sit at the dinner table to eat with them in true Lady and the Tramp style.

Research from Mira Showers has revealed a number of pooch parent confessions that non-dog owners could find a little strange.

According to the survey, the most ‘spoiled’ breed is poodle crosses, lurchers and mixed breeds - with these being most likely to enjoy human food and doggie massages.

Close behind are dogs in the hound group, which includes breeds such as Beagles, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Whippets and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These breeds have been known to eat dinner at the table with their owners and share their paw-rents' bed.

A quarter of pet owners will admit to letting their dog on the bed, but only six per cent will let them sit at the dinner table with them at meal times.

Meanwhile, over half of the owners asked (57 per cent) said that they let their dog on the sofa, and 2.4 million owners would take the day off work to care for their dog. 

Some people frown upon kissing your pooch, but 36 per cent admitted to kissing their dog goodnight or goodbye, and 1.6 million dog owners confess to kissing their pet on the lips.

An estimated 822,000 dog owners like to take a shower at the same time as their furry friend - Mira Showers also revealed some handy tips for grooming your dog at home.  

Finally, 46 per cent of owners admit to talking to their dog in a funny, high pitched voice - but we 100 per cent think it’s more than that, I mean, who doesn’t mimic a voice for their pet as if to portray what they’re thinking?

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