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Dogs and their fun, furry doppelgangers

Owners have made portraits of their dog using its fur after a groom

Caroline Abbott

Posted 3 months ago

Walter the sheepadoodle and the portrait made from his fur (Image:

by Caroline Abbott

If you have ever groomed your dog at home, you’ve quite possibly thought to yourself afterwards, as you were cleaning up, “What a lot of fur!” If none of your cushions needed restuffing, you probably just threw the hair away, but there are some creative owners who’ve tried their hand at making a miniature version of their dog, first – just for fun. And their efforts have really made us smile!

One of the best portraits we’ve seen is of Walter, who has more than 24,000 followers on Instagram. His photo is above. He lives in Atlanta, in the US state of Georgia, with his owner Cristina. She told TeamDogs: “He also lives with his dad, Ben, his fur brother, Cody, and he will soon have a human brother, Emerson. He’s a year-and-a-half-old sheepadoodle which is a newer breed that’s half Old English Sheepdog and half Poodle. He is the sweetest goofball. We groom him every eight weeks or so at home.”

Dudley the cavapoo and his mini-me (Images: Nessie McCarthy)

Dudley, a nine-year-old cavapoo who lives near Falmouth in Cornwall, doesn’t look very impressed with his mini-me, but we love it. His owner, Nessie McCarthy, said: “I made the mini-me during lockdown when we all had to home groom and just thought it would be funny to do. I called my husband into the kitchen after I did it and told him I’d got another cavapoo!”

Michelle Earl has framed her portrait of her dog Milo (Images: Michelle Earl)

Milo is another British cavapoo with a furry double. His owner, Michelle Earl, said: “Milo is 14 months old. I groom him at home as it’s less stressful for him. I use scissors and it’s actually easier than I thought. I love his fluff and I thought it would be a shame to throw it away so I quickly made a mini Milo. I have now framed it. It’s held together with hairspray.”

Teddy (front), Keeva and the miniature German Shepherd (Images: Gill Snell)

Gill Snell, from Paignton in Devon, has two German Shepherds named Teddy and Keeva. She said: “Ted is nearly 12 and Keeva is eight. They have long coats and they moult a lot. I probably could have made another couple of dogs from their fur. I usually get a good carrier bag full from them. They took no notice of their fur portrait. They are used to me doing stupid stuff. I had seen someone else do it a while back and I just did it for a laugh.”

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