Dogs and their dads - 16 gorgeous photos celebrating Father’s Day | TeamDogs

Dogs and their dads - 16 gorgeous photos celebrating Father’s Day

Kibble feeders, pooper scoopers, cuddle givers - Dog Dads are the best

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago

Over the weekend, pawrents and their fur-babies celebrated Father’s Day - and TeamDogs was inundated with adorable dog-dad pictures!

Kibble feeders, pooper scoopers, cuddle givers - as much as they said they never wanted a dog in the first place, there’s no denying the bond between dad and dog is a special one. 

Here are 16 brilliant photos of dogs and their dads from TeamDogs members.

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Gillian posted this lovely photo of her partner and pooch celebrating Father’s Day

Ivan the Irresistible. This incredibly nervous rescue only has eyes for one person, his daddy. Ivan actually let hoo-dad pick him up a few weeks ago.

Lola with her dad Chris! Chris said: “My rescue dog Lola looking grumpy at getting fourth in fun dog show, but still my no.1.”

D McAuliffe with the very fluffy Khan

Cindy Francis wrote: “I have the best dad, he always shares his biscuits.”

Just hanging out! Claire Gillespie said: “Where there is one, there’s the other. These two are inseparable, Millie a rescue from Crete has the best daddy in the world. She is looking forward to a special walk on Sunday, Happy Father’s Day!”

Mark Lawrence with his pooch on Father’s Day. The caption read: “My Dad and I are having a rest. This is my prefered sleeping position on my back where dad can tickle my tummy.”

Alan and Millie enjoying the fresh air! Wife Jo said: “My husband, dad to two wonderful children and the best fur baby ever, Millie. Happy Father's day Alan.”


Sleeping beauties! 

Bracken looking adoringly at his daddy. True love.

Jim and Grandad enjoying their favourite activity, people-watching and having a nosy at the neighbours!

Sharing that, dad?

Paddy loves to photobomb!

I fit here, right Dad?

Donald and his dad, Charlie

Jason and Max enjoying a walk in Rhossili, West Wales

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