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Doggy pawrents share their advice to new dog owners

From choosing the right breed to what not to do with a pack of biscuits

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

If you’ve found yourself on TeamDogs, not because you’re already an owner, but because you’re looking for advice in preparation for picking up your new pet, you’ve come to the right place.

Our community of dog owners have been sharing their recommendations on everything from toys and treats to vets and groomers, and even the best spots for a scenic dog walk.

But as seasoned owners, they also hold a wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to own a dog, and they’ve been sharing their advice for anyone who has recently got their own four-legged friend, or who are thinking about it.

We asked: “If you could give one piece of advice to a new owner, what would it be?”

And the advice came flooding in.

There was one very important warning from someone called Andrea on making sure you choose the right dog.

She said: “Get the right breed for your lifestyle. Do not get an active/working breed like a Collie unless you're going to put the effort in to walk them.

“It's a real bug bear. Then the dog gets blamed for being naughty/destructive.

“I’ve got a Romanian street dog. I’ve spent a lot of time and money reading training advice/watching videos and training. Hard work but worth it.”

Many of our members also had practical tips on training your dog.

Kathy said: “When you train a dog to sit, hold, down, heel, and come, you teach them that you're in charge and the biting and negative behaviors are unacceptable.”

Caroline added: “Begin obedience training straightaway and be consistent. Give the dog it’s own toys and put everything away otherwise whatever is around will be chewed; shoes, toys, clothes, handbags: You name it, it’ll be chewed and if it’s the tv remote you’ve had it.”

Abbie said: “Recall training is one of the most important parts of training your dog!”

Others had some words of advice on the day-to-day with your pet.

Margaret advised: “Don't rustle the biscuit packet.”

While another Margaret said: “Keep slippers and shoes out of reach of chewing puppies.”

Eileen had some advice that many of us owners can relate to.

She said: “Keep poo bags in the pockets of all items of clothing.”

Another member urged would-be owners not to compare their pup with others, and to have patience.

And the tips we just loved the most were to love them, not that you’ll be able to do anything but.

Alice said: “Just love them no matter what they might do.”

May added: “Just love your pet to pieces.”

“Enjoy them, they are your best friends,” said Bex.

But the piece of advice that has got to be our favourite came from Jill.

She simply said: “Get more.”

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