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DogFest brings fun-filled weekend to dogs and their owners

The event attracted over 26,000 people and dogs in Hertfordshire

Chloe Bowen

Posted 2d ago

DogFest South had a successful return to the field for a weekend of activities for all dogs and their owners.  

Those who flocked to the event were grateful to be out in the open-air socialising again and the weekend saw over 26,000 visitors and their dogs.  

The popular DogFest South, which took place at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, was packed with exciting arena displays, dog shows, have-a-go activities such as hay bale racing, pup paddle boarding and even ultimate frisbee.  

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Dog owners were never too far away from enjoying themselves either with the event offering a tempting shopping village, delicious festival food stalls and music. 

Dogs were in their element with endless opportunities to choose from (DogFest South)

Expert advice from Adem Fehmi, Dog Behaviourist and Trainer ran the Puppy Academy and gave tips to new puppies and got them socialising in the puppy Park. 

Tess Drew, 39, event manager at DogFest, said: “A lot of the dogs, especially some young puppies, hadn’t even had a chance to socialise before. Socialisation is quite crucial at an early stage, for puppies’ mental wellbeing and future development, so it was an amazing opportunity for dogs to spend some time socialising with others.” 

Guests could spot Clare Baldwin on the Live stage (Image: DogFest South)

The event was graced with a few famous faces too. Clare Balding and Matt Johnson lead the Big Dog Walk on Saturday along with judging in various competitions.  

Calum Best was also welcomed on Sunday to judge the Most Fabulous Fella category. 

Tess said: “It was great to have Clare Balding back with us. We had her at DogFest before in 2019 and she's just wonderful. She went on the puppy walk and also did an amazing session in the agility arena which she commentated on.  

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“Matt Johnson’s pug Alan Sugar was also a huge hit all around the show.” 

DogFest has already run four events earlier on this year including a popular series of dog walks. Over 3,000 people attended each event.  

Tess said: “We were absolutely thrilled that people were excited to come out and be outside again. They've all felt safe.”

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