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Dog ‘thought he was dreaming’ after adorable Tik Tok challenge

What a way to wake up

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

What do dogs dream about when they’re asleep? Good question! Could it be food?

While we’ll never know for sure, one adorable Staffie ‘thought he was dreaming’ about treats when his owner took part in #sleepingdog challenge on TikTok.

In a video posted by @the_amstaffpack, a dog treat was wafted under the nose of a sleeping dog to gauge his reaction.

The caption read: “Only wakes up for food.”

The video has gone viral with 12.6 million views and thousands of comments, many summising as to what the dog may have been thinking.

Visibly confused, many went on to suggest the dog must have thought he was dreaming.

One commented: “That dog is so confused like was that a treat dream or did that happen I can’t taste it I’m confused.”

A second wrote: “He thought he was dreaming.”

A third added: “Mid snore. He thought it was a dream.”

“Best dream ever,” said another.

While another user commented: “He’ll be dreaming of this moment for years.”

Others joked that it seems a good way ro be woken up.

“I wish someone would wake me up like that. A little bacon egg toast you know,” said one user.

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