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Dog Tarot: Did it work on Jack Russell Gina?

Were we barking mad? A week on, we revisit the upset pet who underwent the first TeamDogs Tarot reading

Sian Williams

Posted 2 months ago ago

The mystical art of Tarot card reading can leave a lot of humans sceptical, and throw a beloved pet dog into the mix and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone barking mad… 

But with the clairvoyant art becoming more popular with Millennials and Gen Z, TeamDog wanted to test the theory that it could work on a pup’s problems too. 

So we had our Tarot reader lay a deck of cards for Gina, a three-year-old Jack Russell, who had become withdrawn and reluctant to go outside. 

Her owner Jan said Gina had become sulky and seemed to be jealous of the new pet lambs on their smallholding in Yorkshire. 

The lambs needed a lot of attention and bottle-feeding and at first Gina hadn’t minded tagging along, but as the lambs grew more boisterous and demanding, she refused to engage with the woolly beasts and soon started showing Jan the cold shoulder, too.

Could our doggy Tarot reading give Gina a way to voice her thoughts and lift her spirits? 

Gina was not a happy dog when the cards were laid before her

Fast forward seven days, and bright-eyed and with her tail wagging, Gina is a very different dog. 

Jan says: “She’s really turned a corner. It’s like she’s a different dog.

“She is more her smiley self since the Tarot reading. We have been going for more walks and having more cuddles,” Jan continued, adding, “We’re enjoying spending time together again.”

A look into the Tarot cards Gina had picked out with her nose and paws showed she missed her close relationship with Jan but that she’d needed to take a step back from a situation that was upsetting her. But then she’d found herself trapped in a conundrum.

Contemplative at what the future might hold

“She wants Jan’s attention, but she doesn’t want it on the terms that exist between them currently,” our Tarot reader said last week. “Gina seems a little stuck in a dilemma of her own making - her sulks have made Jan worry and Gina possibly feels guilty - but not quite guilty enough to snap out of it yet.”

The cards went on to reveal that Gina had learned from her experience over the past few months. She had accepted her place in Jan’s family and knew she was loved, and was now ready to rebuild her relationship.

And Jan was ready to offer more cuddles and special time to help Gina feel secure again.

Perky-tailed Gina shares her new-found happiness with Roxy the cat

While friendship with the lambs who inadvertently caused the problem might be a way off yet, Gina is taking baby steps. Twice in the past week she’s accompanied Jan down to the paddock where the lambs live - something she flatly refused to do before her Tarot reading.

“She gave the lambs a wide berth, but she came with me all the way down the field,” Jan reported. “It’s amazing. She’s so much happier.”

We at TeamDogs are happy to have helped!

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