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Dog saved after running off cliff edge in chase of squirrel

The Jack Russell was chasing a squirrel when it got more than it bargained for and had to be rescued


Posted 37d ago

The rescue combined three teams of coastguards and lifeboats to rescue Mini Credit: The Mumbles Lifeboat RNLI

Written by Rebecca Astill

They say curiosity kills the cat but it's fair to say dogs aren’t far behind when it comes to squirrels.

A Jack Russell, called Min, was chasing a squirrel between Limeslade and Langland Bay in Mumbles - not one to let her age hold her back.

All of a sudden, her mission took her over the cliff edge and into danger. It was half an hour before she would be rescued.

The Mumbles Coastguard team received a call at 9:32 on Wednesday and were able to quickly locate and rescue the dog with a technical rope rescue.

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The Mumbles Lifeboat team were also deployed to search the cliff near the water, as it is easier to spot on the cliff edge from sea. The Rhossili Coastguards also helped out.

Ben, Mumbles Coastguard’s rope rescue technician went over the cliff edge to rescue Mini, lowered by his colleagues.

Mini’s owner was over the moon and had feared the worst Credit: Mumbles Coastguard

Once Ben had secured the dog, both the technician and Mini were brought back up the cliff and the Jack Russell was swiftly returned back to her owner.

A spokesperson for HM Coastguard Mumbes said, “As you can imagine, the owners were absolutely delighted. They feared the worst.

“The coastguard team that day was Steve, Tony, Will James and Ben and we also had assistance from our team based at Rhossili.”

Mini was uninjured and suffering only from exhaustion from holding her precarious position on the cliff edge for so long.

The HM Coastguard - Mumbles Facebook page said, “We remind dog owners to be extra vigilant around hazards such as cliffs and do recommend the use of leads.”

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