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Dog owners reveal clever legal hack to save hundreds on pet passports

One woman made her dog a French citizen to reduce travel costs

Millie Reeves

Posted 47d ago

Holidaying dog owners are snapping up EU passports, or giving their pets French citizenship, to save hundreds on Brexit red tape.

Before Brexit, devoted owners wanting to holiday abroad with their pets had to pay just £60 for a pet passport that lasted three years. 

That’s now been scrapped in the UK and replaced with an Animal Health Certificate that can cost anything from £150 to £300. The certificate is also required every single time you travel, making it a nightmare for Brits with holiday homes abroad.

Speaking to Radio 4’s consumer show, You And Yours, Sheila Mosedale, who has a 14-year-old Jack Russell cross called Pippa and a holiday home in France, explained.

"We organised through our vet an animal health certificate which replaced the passport which cost £200 - £160 for the certificate and £40 for the consultation fee. 

“We were a little taken aback but felt we just had to swallow it. We understood that was going to be every time we travelled.

“We are frequent travellers. I phoned my vet to organise another because I knew the one we had was no longer valid. I was told the cost had gone up from £160 to £250.”

However, smart dog-owners shared their legal hack - when you’re abroad, get an EU vet to issue you with an EU pet passport! An EU pet passport ranges in cost from 20 euros to 105 euros (if you include the rabies booster injections) and lasts for the duration of the rabies vaccinations - around three years.

Presenter Keven Mosley, explained how the show had been inundated with case studies of people doing just that.

“You don’t need to get one (an Animal Health Certificate) every time, just the first time, and then get an EU vet to issue you with an EU pet passport."

He quoted listener, Bridget Day, who visited Ireland and got a local Irish vet to issue her with a pet passport. He also said one listener, Jane Allen, had gone an extra step and made her dog a French citizen for just 25 euros.

Sir Clive Loader, police and crime commissioner for Leicestershire, said he'd taken his dog Gus to his holiday home in France, and was shared the clever hack by a friend.

"I was bemoaning the cost of the animal health certificate when a friend said, when you get out there you’ll be able to get a EU passport for him. I went to the vet and asked if I could do it there and he said, yep.

“It took 15 minutes, twenty euros, signed up, passport in hand and left."

Defra confirmed to the show that the EU passport was accepted for entry back into the UK. But they stressed that the first time you travel you must have an animal health certificate issued 10 days before you travel from your vet here. 

A spokesperson added: "It is vitally important that all pet owners know the new rules and there is information on"

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