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Dog owner’s quick fix to stop Labrador puppies having free rein of the house

Brittany found her ironing board to work just perfectly – but only for a few hours

Chloe Bowen

Posted 13d ago

As a puppy parent, we know sometimes you’ll need to act fast, think on your feet and do whatever you have to do in the moment to keep your dogs happy but disciplined.

One imaginative dog owner did exactly this and had to improvise a puppy gate using her ironing board – and it worked well while it lasted. 

Brittany Poole, 22, from Cannock in Staffordshire, says it’s one of those ‘they grow up so fast’ moments. The puppies just grew and before she knew it they were able to run, climb and cause mischief. 

This look is to say ‘please let us in, we’re good dogs’ (Image: Brittany Poole)

The easiest option was to grab the closest thing to her to keep her bundle of puppies in one room. “Otherwise they would be under your feet,” she said. 

The little Labs looked very sweet lined up along the ironing board, but it didn’t take them long to find a way to get over the barrier.

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Brittany said: “They’re like the most energetic thing you’ve ever seen running around.

“We’ve taken the door off in-between our living room and kitchen. I was trying to keep up with the mess. We had a cardboard barrier but they destroyed that, and an ironing board was the closest thing.

You must admit the mischievous pups look cute lined up together (Image: Brittany Poole)

“I was trying to look around for anything and everything – they’re just chaos. It did work but eventually they figured out how to climb over it.”

Brittany is now looking for the next best thing to keep her pups under control. 

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The puppies are seven weeks old and are finding ways to overcome obstacles and explore much further than the kitchen as a team. The six boys and one girl all have colourful collars and have names already too: Nancy, Chester, Calvin, Hulk, Polar Bear, Milo and Google (for his cute eyes).

Calvin was the first to figure out how to climb the improvised puppy gate and get over it.

Brittany said: “They’ve gone from not being able to move or walk to now running and jumping up at you. If I lived in a much bigger house I’d keep them all.”

Bella is the family's dog and also mother to the seven young Labs (Image: Brittany Poole)

The family dog named Bella is the mother to these seven pups, but Polar Bear was born not breathing. Sally had to do CPR on him for three hours and fortunately he survived. Now the group is full of life and energy.

She said: “We have a footstool in the living room and they just love it, always going under it. We live quite far away from our families but now they come and visit the puppies – we’ve never been so popular. But we’re moving house so we’re trying not to do anything with it.”

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With over half a dozen puppies and house move, anything will work in the spur of the moment. Brittany says that in the new house they will have a new playpen to keep them entertained.

If you have any inventive or clever hacks then we’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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