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Dog hotel opens spa with hot tub and facials for dogs

Your dog can enjoy a luxurious experience like us

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

Dogs can soak in the hot tub. (Image: Rebecca Linnell)

By Katie Collier  

A hotel created just for dogs has opened a new spa facility for its canine customers. The Country Dog Hotel and Spa in Taunton, Somerset, already treated its guests like kings and queens but now they get to relax in a spa setting too. 

The hotel says it offers “luxury bespoke boarding,” giving all dogs the chance to wind down while their owners are away on holiday too.   

Rebecca Linnell, founder and CEO of The Country Dog Hotel and Spa, said: “People can expect our spa to be the same as if they were visiting a spa themselves.  

“We have a reception area and lounge for clients to wait for their pups and our team are fully qualified and have extensive industry experience. Our spa baths are custom made and we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment so we can offer the highest standards.  

“We pride ourselves in only offering natural products in both a relaxing and stress-free environment.” 

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The dogs can enjoy a spa day like us. (Image: Rebecca Linnell)

There’s plenty of treatments for your dog to enjoy including facials, de-shedding mud treatment and even the chance to chill out in a hot tub. 

Rebecca, 40, added: “Our shedding mud treatment is a deep cleansing mud bath with omega oils and vitamins to help relieve and prevent excessive shedding and clogged hair follicles.  

“We massage this treatment all over a dog's coat to hydrate the skin and coat in our calming spa to aid relaxation.” 

Prices vary with the hot tub experience starting from £40 and the mud treatment from £50. The blueberry facial costs £15.

You can visit the hotel’s website to find the spa menu and more prices here.  

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