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Dog glows golden after people have patted him thousands of times

The statue of St John on Charles Bridge is believed to bring luck, fortune and forgiveness

Nia Dalton

Posted 56d ago

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Only the goodest of dogs glow gold!

This dog on the statue of St John of Nepomuk must have been a very good boy if the thousands of pats that have given him a polished look is anything to go by.

The lucky pup allegedly brings fortune, forgiveness and long-lasting relationships to those that pet him. And he’s been petted so much he’s gold.

The statue of St John of Nepomuk has been around for more than three centuries, ever since it was installed on the north side of the Charles Bridge in Prague in 1683.

Now, it is extremely popular amongst tour guides and visitors for its history and magical powers.

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Legend has it that St John - Jan Neopmucky - was thrown off the bridge in the late-1300s by King Wenceslas IV for refusing to share the Queen’s secrets.

To this day, the monumental statue of St John on Charles Bridge glows gold in three main spots - the image of the falling man, John; the queen, who is witnessing the event; and the unknown dog that sits faithfully on guard. 

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It isn’t known why the dog belongs on the plaque - as there is no dog mentioned in the legend of St John - and yet, the lucky pup has become the most popular of all three spots. 

People presume the carving depicts a castle guard with his faithful hunting hound - and if you touch the statue, it means you will come back to Prague one day.

Others believe petting the dog could bring forgiveness, fortune and a long-lasting loyal relationship.

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The statue of St John was the first sculpture on Charles Bridge, and is the only bronze statue out of all 30 sculptures.

No one knows who was the first person to pet the pup - but there are tourists that claim the dog was black when they visited in the 1990s. 

Ever since, thousands of visitors have patted the dog so much that the bronze plaque is now polished and shiny.

He must be a good boy!

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