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Dog behaviourist claims service stations not being dog-friendly is a 'potentially fatal situation'

She said she had to choose between sending young children in alone or leaving dog in car

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago

What would you choose if the two options were sending your young children into a service station alone or leaving your dog in potentially fatal heat in the car? Or the third option - tying your dog up where they could potentially be stolen?

This is the difficult crossroads a leading dog behaviourist found herself in recently, and she took to her Instagram with over 12,000 followers to criticise rules preventing dogs in service stations.

Louise Glazebrook, who has featured on BBC show 12 Puppies & Us, asked what her followers thought and vowed to do what she could to change the situation.

She had to let her eight-year-old use the service station alone so she “didn’t have to leave (her) dog to melt or die within the car”.

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In the clip posted last week, Louise said she was travelling alone with her six and eight-year-old children and dog, Pip.

They stopped at a service station in Cambridge at which point her car was saying between 27 and 30 degrees outside, which is not a safe temperature to leave a dog in a car.

Louise said: “I was then torn with the decision of do I leave my dog in a potentially fatal situation where he could overheat and die or do I get my child to run in to a service station alone, use the loo and come back to me?

“That’s what I had to do, and I can’t say I feel comfortable about that.”

She made the point that the RSPCA, the Metropolitan Police, Dogs Trust and more call on owners not to leave dogs in cars, but service stations are not providing the services for people in the situation.

On its website, Moto asks dog owners to tie their dogs up in a safe place rather than leaving them in a car and a number of stations do allow entrance to assistance dogs.

However Bark St Albans, a dog walking company in Hertfordshire, commented saying: “Not just the heat too. So many dogs get stolen from service stations because owners have had to make that awful choice.”

RSPCA also advises against this due to the 170% rise of dog thefts during the pandemic, according to DogLost.

Another comment from @rio_londonpuppy said: “Dogs are allowed in most motorway service stations in Italy and France. It’s shocking this is not the case in the UK.”

Another said: “Well behaved dogs should be allowed everywhere.”

Louise encouraged her followers to have a conversation in the comments section, and said she would take the points to the PR companies of the big service stations.

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